Shenogen Pharma Group

Shenogen Pharma Group is a drug discovery and development company founded in 2006 at Beijing, China. Shenogen aims to develop and commercialize first-in-class therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune diseases. With the mission of “Better Medicine, Better Life”, we aim is to be a leading Chinese biopharmaceutical company with growing footprint worldwide.

We have a seasoned management team leading a dynamic, creative and engaging workforce to strive hard towards our goals. A scientific advisory board composed of world-renowned scientists helps us to develop long-term strategies. Meanwhile, we are collaborating extensively with key research institutions and business partners to advance our pipelines. We also received government support as well as venture capital investments for our R&D programs.

The company name "Shenogen" comes from "Shen Nong" and "Gen(e)". "Shen Nong" was a Chinese legend who created traditional Chinese medicine through testing different kinds of herbs, and "Gen" represents the modern biotechnology and medical sciences. Our first and leading compound Icaritin is an excellent example of Shen Nong meeting Gene, as Icaritin is isolated from a traditional Chinese herb, and is currently being examined as a First-in-Class drug candidate in phase III clinical trial to treat liver cancer. Utilizing modern biotech platforms, novel targets and independent intellectual properties, we have successfully generated a rich research portfolio beyond Chinese herbs. Our new drug candidates ranging from small molecules, oncolytic viruses, to various forms of antibody based biologics, are being developed in stages from discovery to late clinical trials.

Currently, we are establishing a full pharma value chain from research to production and commercialization. Our subsidiary companies focusing in different segments of the value chain are set up indifferent places in China including Beijing, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, and Guangzhou. We are dedicated to bring our R&D innovations to the patients, and to providing them and their families with better health and better lives.