Shandong Shenogen received Drug Manufacturing Certificate

Published:2018-3-6 18:23:50 Views:1070

On March 5th, 2018, Shenogen Pharma Group (“Shenogen”) was notified by Shandong Provincial Government that Shandong Shenogen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (below as “Shandong Shenogen”), a subsidiary of Shenogen, has received <Drug Manufacturing Certificate of People’s Republic of China> from Shandong FDA. 

The details are as follows: 

Code: LU20180372; 

Cooperation: Shandong Shenogen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd; 

Social Credit Number: 91371200060421798J; 

Legal Representative: Kun Meng; 

Valid date: Feb 13th, 2023; 

Classification Code: Za;

Address and business scope of manufacturing site: East of Zhuhainanlu, South of Huihedadao, Laicheng Industrial Area, Laiwu City, Shandong Province: API. 

Shandong Shenogen is established in January of 2013, and government has supported 400 acres. According to the plan set out by Shenogen,Shandong Shenogen will be responsible for the manufacturing of Icaritin API. The achievement of obtaining the Drug Manufacturing Certificate will have positive impact on production and management of Shenogen.